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Let's brew some wealth together

Wealth Café is India’s only financial advisory group of companies that caters to personal finances of Individuals AND finances of their Businesses. From day one our objective has been to ensure that our clients get the right advise on their journey to Wealth Creation.

Wealth Café Financial Advisors Pvt Ltd (financial.wealthcafe.in) was started in 2010 to advise individuals on their Personal Finances. We were ahead of our times by starting as a fee only entity and subsequently started execution services to protect our clients from misselling. 

Reimposing their faith in our services, Wealth Café Business Advisors (business.wealthcafe.in) was launched in 2012 on demand from our entrepreneur clients to help them manage their businesses better. Getting a 360 degree view of a clients Finances (Personal and Business) has helped add a lot of value in their wealth creation journey by helping them make the right financial decision at the right time through our bouquet of offerings.

Growing businesses need Capital and to ensure that the Capital is deployed adequately Wealth Café Capital Advisors Pvt Ltd (capital.wealthcafe.in) came into existence. Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) are the lifeline of the Indian economy and we have become theirs.  

At Wealth Café, we believe each of us carry a responsibility to give back to the society, in whatever manner possible. Acting upon it, Wealth Café Foundation (foundation.wealthcafe.in), a Section 8 company, was born and to support it a percentage of the turnover of the Wealth Café group of companies is contributed to fund its activities.

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Our Logo

Our logo represents the new age advisors that we are. We believe in solving complex financial problems with a composed mind and presenting them in a simple manner that can be discussed over a cup of coffee with you. By being your partner and advisor, we want to take the journey with you and share many such cups of coffee. The font in “Wealth Café” is a unique handwritten one and represents that we are brave to explore unchartered territories and look for new and better ways to find answers to the problems faced. The color gold is the color of extravagance, wealth and riches. Growth in your wealth is our ultimate goal.