What good can I do TODAY?

This is the question we should ask ourselves each and every day.

Caught in the routine to earn to meet our needs and wants, we have forgotten to ask ourselves what we can do for others; the society, the country, the earth.

Every small act towards the good of others, done consistently, will go towards creating a happier world.

As the Upanishads say, Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam, which means "the world is one family". We should live this every day.


Spreading Financial Literacy

Promoted by the Wealth Café group of companies, a financial powerhouse, spreading Financial Literacy is paramount for the Foundation. This includes educating the audiences in the areas of both Business Finance (learn how to acquire wealth) and Personal Finance (learn how to grow wealth).

  • Ensuring Financial education reaches those without access
  • Events designed to suit the local area requirements


Promoting Indian Culture & Tradition

Indian culture is one of the oldest in the history of civilization. There is a lot of science hidden behind what we do as a part of our culture and tradition; from greeting Namaste to growing the tulsi. While we explore the nuances on Indian culture and traditions we also explore the science behind them.

  • Promoting the diverse and ancient Indian art, culture, traditions and regional indigeneity.
  • How culture can be part of our daily life and not an 'activity' to be done


Protecting the Environment

In the Indian culture, the earth is referred to as "Mother Earth" and is an integral part of our family. Neglecting the environment, is sure shot formula for our collective failure as a civilization. We explore the small and big things each and every one of us can do every day to protect and conserve the environment.

  • Small changes to our daily acitivites to help conserve the environment
  • Local activities to make people aware on ways we are destroying the environment and what we must not do